Trying something new with White Balance

White Balance Settings

White balance settings are normally used to correct colour casts from ambient light. An example of this is when you take pictures indoors under tungsten lighting, such as household light bulbs. These cast an orange-coloured light over the subject. Our eyes adjust to this lighting and to us the scene looks normally lit with neutral-coloured light. Your digital camera, however, records the orange light, which might make the photograph look unattractive. To correct this, set your WB to tungsten and this adds a blue ‘digital filter’ to your image which counteracts the orange cast and brings the light colour back to neutral.

Getting Creative with White Balance

You can get creative with white balance by setting your camera to the tungsten WB setting and taking shots outdoors. There is no orange light to counteract, so the image comes out blue. It’s a creative way to enhance cold, icy subjects or dusk scenes.

using tungsten white balance