Photographing Waterfalls

How to Photograph Waterfalls

Photographing Waterfalls by Better Photos

Waterfall and Oak Leaf

Here are some tips to get you taking better photographs of waterfalls:

1) Use a tripod.

2) Use a slow shutter speed (of between 2 and 25 seconds) to get the water looking silky-smooth.

3) Photograph waterfalls in the low-light of early morning or evening to ensure you can set a sufficiently slow shutter speed.

4) Use a polarising filter. It will slow down your shutter speed, remove glare and saturate colours.

5) Check your camera’s LCD after taking each photograph to ensure that the water’s highlights are not ‘blown out’. (Set your highlight alert warning in your camera menu – and blown out highlights will appear as a blinking warning on your LCD). Reduce your EV (see earlier post) until the ‘blinkies’ stop.

Waterfall and Oak Leaf

Photo Info: Aperture F20, Shutter speed 20 seconds, ISO 100, Lens focal length 28mm, polarising filter.

Want to learn how to photograph waterfalls?

Better Photos runs Waterfalls for Beginners courses in the Lake District (UK).